Thursday, 28 August 2008

Oudh & other authentic scents

My "valuable" collection of Bruneian Oudh scents. Derived from the resin of Agarwood distilled to make this essence. Just a drop and it will cover you for a day. In drier climates,will last for weeks.
(Pictured left) My Oudh Brunei from a younger tree it seems..3 1/2 tolas = about 45ml. Very Very rare and very much sort after. Just got it a few weeks back.

Oudh Brunei comparison. The left bottle is one of the newer batch, lighter but retains the distinctive unique smell only associated with the Bruneian Oudh. The right bottle is darker, had it a few years back from the 1st batch. I believe its from the older tree & has a richer sweet fragrance.

Rare Cambodian Oudh. Was considered the best Oudh. Only have 3/4 tolas= about 10ml left. Cant find anymore, anywhere with this kind of quality. Right bottle was recently barter traded with my sibling who totally dispises the smell, but knows the value of it. Now its mine! Haha! All mine! Notice how dark the colour is compared to the rest of the Oudh above.

Ambar Maliki. Just have 1 tola left, its a mixture of Cambodian Oudh, Amber & another deep sea derivative highly difficult to extract that makes this fragrance unique, expensive & appreciated to those who knows the mix. Purchased 3 1/2 tolas from Abdul Samad Al Quraishi, Mekkah, and I know this blend is Unique to them & have yet to find another shop that has this rich scent combination.

My whole collection of Oudh scents. Will last me many more years. There are a few in this batch especially the older Bruneian Oudh and the Cambodian Oudhs which I would like to preserve longer due to its rarity as the more you preserve it, the sweeter & richer it smells and apparently lasts longer when you wear it. Its what I call my expensive hobby & there is quite a few of us in this world that share the same passion as I do.

Tips to Oudh collectors and users:
- Keep it in a dry room and far away from anybody as it might end up in a dustbin. Its an acquired taste to appreciate the scent. A dry box is better or an airconditioned room.
- Store the essence in a glass bottle with preferably a glass dipper, otherwise cut the plastic dipper as this will ruin the essence in the long run.
- Keep it away from the sun or sun light, as this will definitely change the unique smell of Oudh. A cool, dark area will be the best storage.
- Drop by at any authentic perfumeries and be friends with the seller. They usually identify if youre a serious buyers or not. The perfumes in gorgeous bottles on display are usually low quality mixes with oil as its base. Good for everyday use, but the real pure essence is most often found hidden away and bottled in ugly looking glass bottles and usually not in big quantity.
- Do not buy the essence immediately, unless you know what you are looking for in a High quality Oudh. Take a drop onto your hand, give it a good rub otherwise you will have a difficult stain to remove on your clothings, then put it behind your ears and your beard if you have one, and the rest on your clothes. If the fragrance lasts a few days after that retaining its lingering smell as if you just came out of the shop, then go and run and get the Oudh before it runs out.
- A high quality Oudh if with one small drop will be very sticky and difficult to rub with your hands.
- Definition of extremely high quality Oudh: Old (80 years is nice), Sticky like glue, rich vibrant smell enveloping your nostrils for long long hours reminding you that you have the Oudh on, retains the smell after days on your clothings, darker coloured brownish black.
- Best Oudh comes from Cambodia, India, Brunei (Borneo Islands) as they tend to have older Agarwood trees and hence the older resins. However, Myanmar is also coming up there in terms of quality as the discovery of old Agarwood in sporadic areas of the country.

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